For now suffice to say, my name is Jenna and here I’ll be sharing my thoughts surrounding my life in Christ, as a wife, mom and average Texas girl (who is transplanted to Utah).
I have four rocking kids JaLynn 21, Jaden 18, Jesirae 16, and Jaylee-girl 14

My awesome hot hubby is Jareb. We started dating at 18 and 20 years later we are still stoked we get to do this life together.

I LOVE people and what makes them tick, or ticked..ha! No, I just like the whole package! But I struggle with those I fear are not willing to grow in themselves and believe me I do not judge them I just fear that hurt that comes with it. But I am learning.

I love the church. She is a messy ole thing but man Christ died for her and calls her his bride. I have days she makes me wholly upset but overall I am with her for life.

I did not grow up in church. I was a wild, selfish, foolish, disobedient, crazy young person and God used my amazing husband to turn my eyes to the amazing love God gives…once I looked into Christ eyes of burning grace and love, I was hooked. But let me say that with quickly following it with this statement: God ALONE is the one the keeps me in him I am so stinking prone to wander on the one hand while flip the other hand over and I am prone to Pharisaical mindset of trying to prove myself, all. the. darn. time!

So well, lets see what we see.